Eli combi junior

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4 in 1
This innovative and timeless design is made of solid oak, which gives a beautiful nordic look. The high quality ensures long and sustainable life. The headboards are ergonomically designed and comfortable to lean on when reading a book or surfing on your tablet. This also creates the illusion of a couch.
The headboards can be removed and the ends can be closed with extra parts and thereby transforming the classic Eli bed or into a Eli daybed.
By purchasing new lengths, the junior edition can be expanded as the child grows
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In this design, KAS Kopenhagen prioritized creating functional furniture that caters to a wide audience and can be used wherever you want; in the nursery as a bed, in the living room, office or cottage as a daybed. The Eli bed creates opportunities to play with different interior styles. The cone-shaped legs and the invincible screws are defining features of KAS Kopenhagens signature design.

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Größe 174 × 94 × 72 cm

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